Posted by Patrick J. Hughes | Aug 30, 2021

HUGE VICTORY FOR OUR SOLDIERS!!! The Army Board for Corrections agreed that all our clients deserved every penny of the housing allowances taken from or denied to them. They agreed that all the Soldiers who were disciplined never should have been. All their disciplinary records should be permanently erased, and where appropriate, people who were passed over for promotion should be retroactively reconsidered for their next rank.

But the relief was only given to our seven named Plaintiffs. There are Soldiers believed to be in the thousands that were impacted by this and need the same relief. We are going to do this announcement in a more formal way, but Michael Lyons and I could really use your help to get the word out.

If you could like and share or do whatever might help get thousands of dollars back to each one of these Soldiers impacted, it would be really appreciated.

After five years from when this all started, the incredible hardship these Soldiers had to go through to serve our country while trying to maintain two households with only one housing allowance to pay for them, the countless careers that were devastated because people were unlawfully disciplined, a lawsuit filed over three years ago, we are finally getting these Soldiers what they deserved all along.

Contact us if you were impacted or know someone who was!

Reaching the last chance for ABMCR to "do the right thing"-BAH lawsuit update | Patriots Law Group

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