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We Are A Family Law Firm That Knows The Military Inside & Out

Patriots Law Group was formed by lawyers who served in the military. Through our military experience, we understand duty often calls service members and their families far from home where they may not know where to turn when a legal matter arises. Patriots Law Group solves this common military problem and provides clients – like you – with top notch lawyers that know the military "inside & out." 

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Are you a service member, veteran, retiree or military spouse going though a divorce or family law matter in Maryland, Texas or Virginia? Are you confused about how a court will deal with a military pension, Thrift Savings Account (TSP), VA disability payments, Survivor Benefits (SBP)?  Are you afraid civilian courts will not understand the unique aspects of military service and rule against you based on bias or faulty assumptions?

We can help!  In fact, our law firm was purpose built for the military community and it is our mission and goal to educate clients on the complex web of military benefits and, when litigation is unavoidable, to secure those military benefits for clients involved in divorce.  Click HERE To Schedule A Consult

Every Case Assigned A Former Military JAG

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for civilian courts and attorneys to have faulty assumptions about the military. We have seen first hand misguided custody outcomes against active duty military members based on stereotypes and false claims.  In divorce cases, we have repeatedly witnessed attorneys and judges make uninformed decisions and rulings about military pensions, SBP and Tricare.

To ensure the highest and best outcome for our military divorce and custody clients, every military case we handle has a former military JAG assigned. By pairing a top level family law litigator with our highly awarded former JAGs, you will have peace of mind that every issue is covered and setup for success.

We Are Leaders Among Our Peers

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We Handle Every Aspect Of Family Law 

We handle the following issues in Maryland, Virginia and Texas for the every member of the military community - service member, veteran, retiree, and their spouses.


  • Adultery
  • Cruelty (mental or physical)
  • Desertion (actual or constructive)
  • Mutual Consent Divorce
  • No-Fault Based Divorce
  • 6 & 12-month separation 
  • Division Of Marital Property & Pension
  • Use Of Marital Home
  • Sale/Transfer Of Marital Home
  • Alimony
  • Domestic Violence
  • Protective Orders
  • Peace Orders


  • Establishing Child Custody
  • Modification Of Custody
  • Out-Of-State Relocation
  • Military Relocation
  • Denial Of Visitation
  • Grandparent Visitation
  • Establishing Child Support
  • Modification Of Child Support
  • Enrolling Out-Of-State Child Support Order
  • Enforcement Of Child Support
  • Garnishment Of Wages
  • Paternity


  • Division of Military Pension
  • Frozen Benefit Rule
  • VA Disability Pay Survivor Benefit Plan (SBP)
  • Tricare Eligibility
  • Military Deployment & PCS Custody Issues
  • Military Family Support
  • Garnishment of Military Pay Military
  • Navigating Domestic Violence Family Advocacy Program (FAP)
  • No Contact Orders
  • Officer Grade Determination (OGD)

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We handle cases throughout Maryland, Virginia and Texas with locations adjacent to Joint Base Andrews, Maryland, Fort Belvoir, Virginia and Joint Base San Antonio, Texas.

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