Mike accomplished what I thought was impossible

I got connected with Mike after searching for days. Initially, I was simply looking for answers to a few questions. Unlike the other lawyers I contacted who were adamant about a fee of some sorts, Mike spoke with me very openly about my situation. He did not seem concerned with money whatsoever. He came off as very knowledgeable and helpful. I paid for his expertise, and boy was it a great decision because of his efforts I was rewarded Sole Physical Custody of my daughter, which I thought was impossible for men to do. However, that was only in a trial based on Limited Divorce. Nevertheless, just yesterday in a trial based on Absolute Divorce, helped me retain Primary Physical Custody. The latest win was most impressive, as he was able to do it whilst competing against a proven lawyer. In both instances, I was rewarded Child Support, which again is unheard of for fathers these days.

– Ritchie