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Security Deposit Recovered With Just One Letter

January 2015

A young couple rented a house in St Mary's County, MD.  At the expiration of their lease, they decided to move and thoroughly cleaned the entire house from top to bottom.  Unfortunately, their dishonest landlord tried to withhold a portion of their security deposit for "cleaning" and other unsubstantiated damages.  With one letter, Mike Lyons discredited each alleged line item of the landlord's notice of withholding.  Mike used the threat of litigation and convinced he would recover attorney's fees and three times the withheld amount if forced to go to trial.  Landlord didn't even argue and just put a check in the mail before expiration of the deadline.

Practice area(s): Landlord / Tenant

Michael E. Lyons

“As a veteran, I bring my core values of service, integrity, and excellence to every client, every case, every time.” Background: Michael E. Lyons (“Mike”) handles cases in Maryland and Washington D.C. fr...