Full Acquittal from Sexual Assault, Saved My Son

I met Patrick in 2014 during a 3 year investigation for sexual assault. He came highly recommended so I chose him to be on my team. Patrick walked into a unique situation. Two years prior a woman falsely accused me of sexual assault. I enjoyed the pleasure of my name in the news and on the internet and still it's on the internet. Very hard to get rid of. I sat in jail for three weeks before finally getting bond granted and three weeks later the charges were dropped and later expunged. One would think great but not so. OSI took the case and decided to run their own investigation.

As Patrick took on the case ( he was highly recommended by his own peers) he had to play catch up pretty quick. There was even a time when the military dropped the charges only to bring them back the following week. You can understand the frustrations of this case. As Patrick and co-counsel prepared for the trial we found out my ex wife was going to also file false charges in hopes of gaining full custody of our son. Patrick took on the part of the defense against the ex wife. I won't deny it looked bad since at the time we were looking at false allegations going back seven years and how do you defend something that didn't happen with no proof of it never happening? Well Patrick took it head on and started to see the case build by looking at my family court case. Speaking with a previous ex husband and seeing how the stories lined up. As trial began to get close I was asked to look for any previous emails I would have had with the ex. Not being to email savvy I thought all previous emails were lost. But they were not. The trove of information that fell on Patrick's lap allowed him to open a major defensive case.

At trial the initial accuser never showed even though later we would have proof that both women knew of each other and were talking to one another through twitter. During this time frame leading up to trial I will admit I called him so many times he was tired of hearing from me but took the calls and calmed me down when I thought it was the end of the world again. He took calls from family members and reassured them the best he could. He went above and beyond the call of being “just a counselor” and wore many hats. So trial comes during a snow storm and extreme cold causing the trial to be delayed a day. The ex wife did show up for trial and took to the stand to testify. The story she gave would make Tom Clancy weep. Yet Patrick stood by very calmly taking notes and listening to the testimony. During this time we found out the ex wife put our son in a psych ward under false pretenses of he tried to harm himself. I will get back to my son in a moment. Now the time came for Patrick to do his thing that he was well known for and respected by his peers. He stood up and went to the podium and began reading emails one after another. The ex wife had no idea what was happening but soon the look on her face and the answers she provided everyone could tell she had perjured herself on the stand for the whole morning. She would never be able to reestablish herself as being an honest victim, and the OSI agents and other experts would testify against her story. Saturday was the last day of trial and we had to wait for Judge to make his ruling. We went back to the make shift office and I had to sign papers incase I was found guilty. We were back in the court room in less than an hour. Finding of the court: NOT GUILTY! I had to sit back down but then had to stand up again right after and almost pulled the table on me when I tried to stand.

Now you ask me how did he save my life…if I was found guilty I would not be here today typing this or breathing. As we all know the phrase in the military about dishonor I will leave it there. He saved my son though and that I can never forget or repay. After the court case was over I sought out my son by calling Dr. offices and facilities in PA. I was able to track him down and file for emergency custody.

– - TSgt B