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Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act

Today, families no longer stay in the same town as they grew up in or got married in. For both military members and civilians, your work might require you to change locations frequently. If you have to move across the

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Military Divorces and Service-Related Disability Benefits

Divorce is always a difficult and complex process, which can become even more complicated when one spouse is a military servicemember. Especially when one’s military pension is at issue.  In some instances, when a veteran receives new disability benefits not

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Why We Started Patriots Law Group…

PLG office building

After nearly two years of planning, the doors to Patriots Law Group have finally opened. Patriots Law Group is a full-service firm dedicated to serving the legal needs of service members and their families.  It was established by former military

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Child Custody in the State of Maryland

Custody disputes can be a frightening time for any parent. This can be especially true for Active Duty military parents, who feel they may be disadvantaged in the custody agreement due to the frequency of relocation, career obligations, and the

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