Case Results

Successfully Received Special Selection Board from BCNR for O-4’s Whistleblower Claim

January 2022

An O-4 who, by all accounts, was one of the Navy's top medical providers in her field, suddenly became a target of her leadership following the filing of an Inspector General (IG) Complaint concerning her direct supervisor.  This led to her receiving downgraded fitness reports (FITREPS) which prevented her promotion to O-5 multiple times in a row.  Despite the client's DoD IG Whistleblower investigation leading to an unsubstantiated claim and denying her relief, she hired Pat Hughes to represent her before the Board for Corrections of Naval Records (BCNR).  There, Pat was able to put the timeline of events together to demonstrate that the O-4 had clearly been targeted and that an injustice existed in the unwarranted downgrades to the client's FITREPS.  The BCNR agreed, and removed the unfavorable FITREPS and ordered that the O-4 would be given the opportunity to have her promotion to O-5 reviewed by a Special Selection Board to retroactively determine whether she should have promoted but for this injustice committed by her Command.

Practice area(s):  Military Law; Boards for Correction of Military/Naval Records

Patrick J. Hughes

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