Mr. Hughes saved my career after false military police accusations! Recommend without hesitation!

I have been fortunate in the United States Air Force to obtain the rank of MSgt and work in some of the most unique environments over my 12 years of service. However, this experience almost came to a crashing holt when I was arrested by military police and charged based on false accusations. In order to deal with the unfortunate event, I did my research and came across the highly regarded Mr. Hughes. Not only did Mr. Hughes take the time to the listen and review my documents thoroughly, but helped guide me through this journey. Based on Mr. Hughes guidance I was able to retain my rank, follow on assignment, and walked away from this event with nothing more than a verbal counseling. Furthermore, the military police admitted five months after my initial arrest there was no probable cause. If it was not for Mr. Hughes expertise, I may have faced a much different outcome. I would recommend Mr. Hughes without hesitation for any service member facing potential UCMJ actions.

– Raymond