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Practice Area: Real Estate

real-estate-smaller-sizePatriots Law Group represents clients in every type of the real estate matter – from drafting deeds, reviewing sales contracts, enforcing contractual rights or resolving landlord-tenants disputes – we can help.  See below for a full description of our full range of services.

Types Of Cases We Handle:  Patriots Law Group is a full-service law firm that regularly helps clients in every aspect of real estate matters; including:

  • Contract/Lease Review
  • Deed Preparation
  • Breach of Contract
  • Real Estate Litigation
  • Landlord -Tenant

Contract/Lease Review:  Patriots Law Group attorneys are highly experienced in reviewing real estate contracts and leases and with a quick review of your document, our attorneys can explain what to expect in your transaction.  Most importantly, through our review process, we will ensure that the document adequately protects you in the event of a dispute later in the transaction.  To be sure, contracts are often drafted in a one-sided manner and we often find clauses that are harmful to our clients such as: (a) arbitration clauses requiring expensive arbitration in lieu of the free public court system, (b) waivers of the right to a jury trial, (c) provisions requiring one party to pay both parties’ attorney’s fees in the event of a dispute, and (d) excessive security deposits.  These are just a few examples of potential problem areas, but there are many more that our attorney’s see on a regular basis.  Depending on your situation, these clauses may be either helpful or harmful; thus, our attorney’s will explain these types of clauses and work with you to determine whether they should be added, removed or renegotiated based on your situation.  Of course, after the document is signed by all parties, it is too late to renegotiate the contract for your benefit.

Given the value and associated costs of a typical real estate transaction, you must protect yourself in the event of a future dispute.  For a low flat fee, our attorneys will review your real estate contract or lease and meet with you to fully explain it and to provide advice about whether any clauses should be added, removed or renegotiated. We know real estate transactions move very quickly, therefore we will complete our review and meeting in just 1-2 days after you forward your document.  Whether you are the buyer, seller, landlord or tenant, we can help.  Call today to schedule a review of your real estate contract or lease.

Deed Preparation:  A deed conveying real estate is a highly technical document that must meet strict legal requirements under the law.  In fact a simple mistake in the preparation of a deed may completely change the outcome of the deed.  For instance, in some states, the common law recognizes special “words of conveyance” which can totally change the legal effect of a deed.  The use of some “words of conveyance” may include a warranty or guarantee that the person conveying the property has the full right and title to do so (e.g. General Warranty Deed), while the use of other “words of conveyance” may not include any warranty or guarantee that the person conveying the property has any rights whatsoever in the property he/she is allegedly conveying (e.g. Quitclaim Deed).  Further, if drafted correctly, a deed may convey property to several individuals with a “right of survivorship,” which means if one of the co-owners dies, then the property will become the sole property of the remaining co-owner(s) without passing through probate.  Without a skilled attorney drafting your deed, you may find out many years later – after it’s too late – that your deed does not accomplish what you originally intended; thus, you need an attorney that understands deeds and the special rules and language required to accomplish your intended goal of preparing a deed.  Patriots Law Group attorneys are highly skilled in deed preparation and can quickly and accurately help you accomplish your goal for a reasonable flat fee.  Call today for a consultation to discuss your situation.

Breach of Contract:  The attorneys at Patriots Law Group are litigators to their core.  Fighting for clients on the legal battle field is our “bread and butter” and if you find yourself faced with a breach of contract matter, you need an attorney right away that has the knowledge, skill and experience of representing clients in real estate litigation.  Often, real estate attorneys focus solely on drafting real estate documents and have zero desire to defend or commence a lawsuit.  Thus, Patriots Law Group is unique in that it represents clients on both sides of the transaction and our attorneys have a successful track record of resolving disputes regarding: (a) retention of earnest deposit money, (b) cracked foundation, (c) mold, (d) faulty electric, (e) failure to settle, (f) hidden defects, (g) fraudulent misrepresentation.  In fact, our attorneys have successfully defeated unreasonable and harsh arbitration and mediation clauses in connection with finding a successful outcome for our clients.  Because of this past success, we have clients that switch to our attorneys mid-case to get their case moving in the right direction.  If you are involved in a breach of contract case or contemplating your options because the other party has failed to fulfill his/her obligations under the contract, call today to schedule a consultation.  The information you get in the consultation alone will be worth your time!

Real Estate Litigation:  As stated above, the attorneys at Patriots Law Group are litigators to their core.  In additional to representing clients involved in breach of contract matters involving real estate transactions, we also regularly help clients involved in general litigation involving real estate, such cases include: (a) forcing a sale of property owned by multiple people, (b) enforcement or creation of an easement, (c) recovery of maintenance costs and taxes from co-owners, (d) prosecution or defense of mechanics’ liens, and (e) boundary disputes.  Real estate litigation is highly complex and requires a familiarity with a mix of new laws and old common law cases decided centuries ago.  Therefore, if you are bringing or defending a case involving the use and ownership of real estate, you need an attorney to protect your rights.  Patriots Law Group has precisely the attorney you need, so call today to schedule a consultation to see how we can help.

Landlord-Tenant:  Patriots Law Group represents both landlords and tenants.  Unlike most civilian firms that are divided between representing large apartment complexes or individual tenants, Patriots Law Group is focused solely on the needs of servicemembers and therefore the full-range of landlord-tenants services, including: (a) defending against illegal or unreasonable claims or charges by landlords, (b) representing landlords in court in eviction/collection proceedings and (c) managing the collection of rent and maintenance of rental properties.  The knowledge our attorneys and staff possess concerning the full spectrum of landlord-tenant services will ensure your rights and property are fully protected.  Call today to see how we can help.


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