Criminal Law

Patriots Law Group was formed to provide service members and their families trusted civilian counsel for off-base legal issues.  Nothing can be more consequential to a service member then an off-base criminal charge.  Whether such charge involves the service member or a member of his/her family, a trusted local attorney is critical to a successful outcome.  As veterans dedicated to military core values, and attorneys highly skilled in criminal defense in Maryland, DC and Virginia, we are the local attorneys you can trust to handle any type of off-base criminal matter.  Call today to find out how we can help.

Patriots Law Group handles every type of criminal case – including DUI, assault, fraud, drug, handgun, sexual assault, domestic violence and murder – for military, retiree, dependents and civilian clients. We represent clients in state, federal, and military courts and have handled cases from both sides — prosecution and defense. As a result of our experience trying cases as both prosecutors and defense counsel, we know how to get you the best possible outcome regardless of the facts of your case. To be sure, our attorneys apply their background as prosecutors to fully and zealously attack any weakness in the prosecution's case. If you or a loved one are facing criminal charges, you owe it to yourself and your family to call today to see how we can help.

DUI/DWI Defense: We regularly handle Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol or Drugs (DUI) and Driving While Impaired by Alcohol or Drugs (DWI) cases within the local community. In fact, we are very successful in obtaining dismissals or dispositions that avoid a conviction (i.e. probation before judgment). A bad outcome in a DUI/DWI case can ruin your life and military career, so call today to schedule a consultation.

At Patriots Law Group, we understand that good people make mistakes and believe that one mistake should not ruin a person's life, family, and livelihood. Our attorneys have successfully obtained acquittals and negotiated plea bargains in DUI cases and can help you establish a defense that will ensure the best possible outcome for your case. For example, when you come in for a consultation, your attorney will walk you through your recollection of the incident and carefully track whether the police officer observed you for a full 20-minute period before administering the breathalyzer, as required by police regulation. Our attorneys do this because occasionally, the police officer fails to conduct the observation period, which violates regulations. The purpose of the 20-minute observation period is to ensure the breathalyzer does not measure stomach alcohol (rather than blood alcohol) that has been burped into your mouth and blown into the Breathalyzer during the test. Since Maryland law forbids driving with a blood alcohol level that is above .08, if the prosecution fails to rule out stomach alcohol from the results, then you may be acquitted of the charges! Obviously every case is different, but you owe it to yourself and your family to leave no stone unturned. As indicated in the example above, you may have defenses that you never even knew existed.

Even in cases where a fact defense does not exist, our attorneys can still defend you from the most severe sentences by ensuring you present yourself in a manner that warrants a plea deal or probation before judgment (PBJ). PBJ allows the court to vacate a finding or plea of guilty and to place you on probation. The court will want to see that your DUI or DWI was a one-time mistake and that you have taken steps to make certain it doesn't happen again. We will set you up for success by enrolling you in DUI classes that prove you have taken action to prevent similar mistakes in the future. These steps should be completed before your court date, so call immediately to ensure timely enrollment.

Drug Possession/Drug Use Defense:  The experience our attorneys have prosecuting cases is especially invaluable in drug possession/use cases because the prosecution is required to prove that the substances alleged to be illegal drugs are in fact an illegal drug. In order to prove such a fact, the prosecution often has to scientifically analyze the substance and then present the results of the test in court. Highly technical rules concerning “chain of custody” must be strictly maintained, and if the police or prosecution fail to show that they followed such rules, we can get the scientific test result thrown out and thereby secure an acquittal or dismissal of your case. Even if the police maintained the chain of custody, our attorneys are skilled at attacking other aspects of the prosecution's case to find a defense to your charges.

Protective Order/Domestic Assault Defense: In connection with family law matters, it is not uncommon for one party or the other to file for a protective order alleging abuse or neglect. Until recently, most courts required “clear and convincing” proof of the alleged abuse before it would grant a protective order, but a few years ago, several states — including Maryland — reduced the standard of proof to merely “more likely than not.” As a result, false allegations today are very difficult to disprove (particularly if no witnesses were present during the alleged incident). Unfortunately, if the court issues a protective order, then you will be prevented from possessing a firearm. Since most military members are required to train on a firearm (if deployable), the entry of a protective order can kill a servicemember's career.

A Patriots Law Group attorney can help. We have successfully defended protective order cases or found solutions to resolve such case in a manner that protects the servicemember's career or ability to possess a firearm. Further, we know the rules for “shielding” a protective order from public view and can work to ensure future employers cannot see an order that has expired. Call today to learn more about how we can defend you in a protective order case.

Patriots Law Group serves clients – military, dependent, retirees and civilians – throughout Maryland, Virginia, Washington, D.C., and New York, including but not limited to, Upper Marlboro, Bowie, Prince Frederick, Dunkirk, College Park, Hyattsville, LaPlata, Fort Washington, Clinton, Prince George's County, Calvert County, Charles County, and military installations at Joint Base Andrews, Fort George G. Meade, Surface Forces Logistics Center, Bethesda Naval Hospital, U.S. Naval Academy, Patuxent River, Bolling Air Force Base, Fort Belvoir, the Navy Yard, and the Pentagon.

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