Pat is quite Simply, the Best! GOMOR and UIF Rescinded

I met Pat Hughes a couple of years ago while a senior commander and under investigation for an inappropriate relationship. He came highly recommended as defense counsel and I selected him from 3 military attorneys that were offered. To say I was lucky in my selection is a vast understatement. I contacted Pat only for advice on how to answer questions during the investigative interviews. Pat went above and beyond from day one. He listened to my story, gave me advice, but asked that I hold overnight while he thought through my defense. The next day, I not only got the great advice I was seeking, but a prepared statement for me to tweak and take with me to provide to the investigator. Without dragging out the story, nor going into more detail, Pat defended me and saved my career. Unfortunately, my investigation was found substantiated, but Pat's defense and Memorandums for Record prevented it from ever drifting into the criminal realm.

Not only did Pat prepare my defense in the form of several Memos for Record, he also rebutted the findings of my case after it was substantiated. My administrative punishment was a GOMOR (General Officer Letter of Reprimand) and an Unfavorable Information File. Pat's relentless efforts and memos had my GOMOR and UIF rescinded in less than 6 months. I've never heard of that happening so quickly, as a UIF is usually open for two years. Again, his drive, passion, and art as an attorney had my UIF removed quicker than I've ever heard.

Just helping me through the trying investigation and findings would have been enough, but Pat further engaged when my record was meeting a board and typed a 10-page attorney memo to explain to the board how I was wronged and my case was legally insufficient. The time he spends on his clients and his cases, can't be matched.

Finally, Pat is one of the few people I know, not just attorneys, but people, who will drop whatever they are doing to help you out. As his client, I could call him at anytime, day or night, and know he was there for me. Further, after calling, Pat always responded with whatever was needed. Whether it was simply listening, immediate phone calls, or a typed memo, Pat was and is always available to provide his outstanding services.

I can't say enough good things about Pat Hughes, as an attorney and caring person. I can't imagine a better attorney in any aspect of defense or civil law and I will go to no other for legal advice. You can't put a price on the legal services that Pat Hughes provides. He is, quite simply, the best!

– - Col M.