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Follow-Up: How Do Jurisdiction Requirements Change for Military Divorces?

Editor’s Note: Last week, we discussed jurisdiction requirements for civilian divorces. In response to a few questions we received, we’re going to expand on that topic this week to cover the differences for military divorces.  Are you a servicemember that

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“Where Can I Get Divorced?” Jurisdiction Requirements for Civilian Divorces

Understanding Jurisdiction Requirements for Obtaining a Valid Divorce for Civilians In most states, getting married is relatively easy. You usually just need a license, a ceremony, and two people who are at least 18 years old (with some exceptions and

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Meet the Team: Matt Osborn

It’s time to get to know the team! We sit down with attorneys and team members at PLG, to learn more about their interests, expertise, and goals. This month, we’re introducing our newest team member, Matt Osborn!  Matt Osborn (“Matt”)

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Marital Contracts, Part II: Separation Agreements

In the first part of this series on marital contracts, we discussed agreements that are entered into in anticipation of marriage – more commonly known as pre-nups. For the second part of the series, we are going to focus on

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