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Army Discharge Board Hearing Win Preserving O-5’s Retirement Less Than Six Months From Being Retirement Eligible

December 2021

An Army Lieutenant Colonel (O-5) who was less than six months from retirement eligibility was taken to a Board of Inquiry (BOI) facing his possible discharge and being stripped of his retirement.  Pat Hughes so vigorously represented the O-5, that he was able to show that his accuser had conspired with multiple others to fabricate allegations against him. Pat even forced the accuser and the government's star witness into having to be read their Article 31 rights or plead the fifth when he confronted them about their accusations and showed they were demonstrably falsifying their testimony.  In the end, the board panel consisting of three Colonels (O-6s), concluded that the O-5 did not commit the alleged offenses and Pat was able to preserve the O-5s retirement.

Practice area(s): Military Law; Discharge Board Hearings

Patrick J. Hughes

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