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Cell Phones and Law Enforcement Investigations

Like most people, your cell phone is likely another appendage to your body. You probably carry it with you everywhere you go, you online bank with it, check your Facebook, text your friend, send emails, make calls, order pizza, etc.

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Exposure to Burn Pits

The U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) recently issued a decision awarding medical benefits to Veronica Landry, a KBR contractor who worked at Mosul Air Force Base in Iraq.  Landry suffered from lung disease related to her daily exposure to “burn

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Life Insurance for Active Duty Servicemembers

Active duty servicemembers are entitled to various benefits, including life insurance. These benefits, while they are greatly beneficial to servicemembers and their families, can also be complicated processes when you want to make a change, or appeal a denial of

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Why We Started Patriots Law Group…

PLG office building

After nearly two years of planning, the doors to Patriots Law Group have finally opened. Patriots Law Group is a full-service firm dedicated to serving the legal needs of service members and their families.  It was established by former military

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Navigating VA Disability Compensation Benefits- Am I eligible?

VA disability compensation is a monthly tax-free benefit paid to a Veteran or eligible family member because of a service connected disability. Veterans or eligible family members are entitled to these benefits, unfortunately, it is not uncommon for a Veteran to be

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