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Practice Area: Top Court-Martial Defense

  “When you are facing a court-martial it is, quite literally, the United States versus you.  When that happens you need an experienced, aggressive, talented military defense attorney who will fight for you, I am that attorney.” – Toni Quinn O’Neill, USAF (ret.)

Patriots Law Group has the resources and attorney experience to provide you the top court-martial defense in the area.  Specifically, we have one of the highest rated trial defense attorney’s from the Air Force that is available to discuss your case today.  Read below to learn more.

Attorney: Antoinette (“Toni”) Quinn O’Neill, USAF (ret.)      Call: 301-952-9000

Toni Quinn O'Neill

Top Court-Martial Attorney: With three consecutive tours as a top-rated Air Force military defense attorney, I am the top court-martial defense attorney for every type of UCMJ violation.  I have tried over 100 courts-martial and personally advised and directed the trial strategy and preparation for several hundred more.  I gained the reputation as the “go to” attorney for the most serious crimes occurring in the Air Force and had one of the highest winning percentages of any Air Force defense attorney.  This success led to my assignment on the hardest, most difficult cases in the military: rape and sexual assault.  I also won numerous cases involving allegations of negligent homicide, involuntary manslaughter, fraud, assault and battery, dereliction of duty, theft, DUI, drug use, failure to obey an order, conduct unbecoming, and many other violations of the UCMJ.  My clients include general officers, commanders, senior non-commissioned officers and some of the Air Force’s most junior members straight out of basic training.  My expertise and success at trial has been recognized by military leadership who sent me to teach litigation strategy and techniques across the Air Force on dozens of occasions.  The military defense world continues to seek out my guidance and advice on defending the most complex cases.

Top Administrative Discipline Attorney: Beyond trials, I also have an outstanding record and extensive experience defending discharge boards, Non-Judicial punishment (Article 15s, Captain’s Mast), demotion actions, unfavorable performance reports, investigations, and correction of military records.

Types of Cases:  When you are charged with a serious crime, potentially facing jail time and the end of your career, you don’t want just any attorney, you want the defense attorney with a proven track record of winning and who knows the military justice system inside and out.  As one of the best military defense attorneys in the country, I will fight for you at every stage and work to save your career, life and reputation.  I am accepting cases in the following areas:

  • Murder
  • Manslaughter
  • Violent Crimes
  • Rape
  • Sexual Assault
  • Computer Sex Crimes
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Fraud & Larceny
  • Assault & Battery
  • Drug Crimes
  • Desertion
  • AWOL
  • Dereliction of Duty
  • Discharge Board
  • Article 32 Investigations
  • Discharge Upgrade
  • GOMAR Defense
  • Court-Martial Defense
  • NJP/Article 15, Captain’s Mast
  • Security Clearance Denials
  • Inspection General Investigations
  • Grade Based Determination Review

World-Wide Availability:  I represent members of the military (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard) across the entire world: CONUS & OCONUS (Europe, Africa, Asia, Alaska and Hawaii).

Available for virtual consultations WORLDWIDE:  I am available to meet by phone within 48 hours of first contact for clients across the U.S. and worldwide. In sensitive cases like Courts-Martial and Officer Grade Determinations, fast action is key to a successful resolution. I serve clients on and off bases anywhere in the world, which means I am in your corner from the outset. Contact me as soon as possible at (301) 952-9000 to learn more about Court-Martial Defense, Officer Grade Determinations, and more.

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Other Locations I Practice At: Pope Air Force Base, US Army Fort Bragg, US Coast Guard Exchange, Seymour Johnson AFB, Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, MCAS New River, Marine Corps Station Cherry Point, Dover Air Force Base, Eglin Air Force Base, Hurlburt Field Air Force Base, Patrick Air Force Base, Tyndall Air Force Base, MacDill Air Force Base, Camp Blanding Army Base, Air Station Clearwater Coast Guard Base, Blount Island Command Marine Corps, Training Center Corry Navy Base, Jacksonville Navy Base, NAS Key West Navy Base, NS Mayport Navy Base, NAS Pensacola Navy, NAS Whiting Field Navy, Autec Complex Navy, Naval Air Warfare Center Navy Base, Naval Hospital Jacksonville Navy Base, NAS Panama City Navy Base.