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Author: Michael Lyons

What makes up a jury?

“I’ve been called for jury duty—now what?!” If you’ve ever seen the television show 30 Rock, you may remember the episode where Liz Lemon gets called for jury duty and acts crazy so that she isn’t picked to be a

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When the Law Makes You a Parent: Ways to Establish Parentage

You may be surprised to know that there are multiple ways in which the law can establish someone as a parent. Whether or not someone is a parent usually comes up when there are issues regarding child custody and child

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Preferring v. Referring Charges in Military Courts

If you or someone you know are faced with a court-martial, it is important to be familiar with how a court-martial works. It undoubtedly may be a very scary time in your life. This blog will explain two distinct initial

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Marital Contracts, Part I: Pre-Nuptial Agreements

A couple can enter into a contract various times throughout the marriage. Part I of this 3-part series on marital contracts will focus on the first chronological type of marital contract that a couple can enter into, which is a

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